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10 NHL teams that might want Karlsson trade with Sharks


Every team in the NHL could use Erik Karlsson.

Who couldn’t find a place for a game-breaking, 101-point defenseman in their line-up?

Of course, it’s not Karlsson’s ability that makes him hard to move, it’s his age, No-Movement Clause, and most of all, that massive contract. The details of the 33-year-old’s pact with the San Jose Sharks are well-chronicled, and I dipped into the unprecedented contract-related ramifications of a potential Karlsson trade yesterday.

Every team in the NHL could use Erik Karlsson, but his contract is problematic for every team in the league to handle.

But where there’s a will, there might be a way.

“Teams get creative and find a way if that’s what they really want,” an NHL scout from outside the San Jose Sharks organization told San Jose Hockey Now.

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