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Sherman explains how Purdy could become Mahomes' new rival

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Former 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman has some thoughts on what will happen if Brock Purdy leads San Francisco to a Super Bowl LVIII victory over Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Speaking on his eponymous podcast, Sherman explained that Purdy haters are not going to change their minds even if the 49ers win the Super Bowl, but if the young quarterback is able to win over Mahomes, he will become the main rival to the Chiefs signal-caller.

“I don’t think he’s going to change anybody’s mind,” Sherman said. “The people who think he’s bad now will think he’s bad after a Super Bowl MVP. He’s the kind of guy if he was walking on water, they’d say it’s because he can’t swim.

“But he wins this Super Bowl, and he wins Super Bowl MVP, Brock Purdy in his second year starting, all of a sudden Patrick Mahomes has a rival where you have to say, ‘Hey, you can say whatever you want, but in the biggest game on the biggest stage he lost to this kid.’ It’ll say Patrick is 2-2 in the Super Bowl but the only two quarterbacks he lost to are Brock and [Tom] Brady. It’s different, you can say what you want, he lost to a sixth-rounder and a seventh-rounder.”

Mahomes is considered one of the great NFL quarterbacks for his amazing playmaking ability and leading the Chiefs to four Super Bowls in five seasons. However, a loss to the 49ers would put his Super Bowl record at 2-2 -- and with Purdy still developing while under a rookie contract, there could be more big-time matchups in the future.

Purdy has drawn plenty of praise and condemnation since he took over as the starter last season, with his detractors claiming the young signal-caller is only a system quarterback who relies on his superstar supporting cast. A win in the biggest game of the year would do a lot to silence those critics, though some of them will always be a bit bitter that they underestimated Purdy’s ability coming out of the 2022 NFL Draft.

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