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Five reasons why A's can't ‘barnstorm' until Las Vegas move in 2028

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All signs are pointing toward the Athletics finalizing their relocation from Oakland to Las Vegas, but there remains loads of uncertainty surrounding where they will play until their new stadium opens in 2028.

While some fans have suggested the team play in different cities, or "barnstorm" from ballpark to ballpark for three full seasons, NBC Sports California's Brodie Brazil explained five reasons why that isn't a feasible option for the A's.

First -- and perhaps most significant -- is the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) would never allow barnstorming in modern times, Brazil stated. Players want and need stability, especially those with families and children.

Brazil notes there also aren't enough certified facilities that are up to MLB standards, which include safety measures, dimensions, lighting, etc.

Some of the other reasons Brazil pinpoints as reasons why the team could never barnstorm are the timing, the 2025 schedule already being drafted and circulating internally from club to club, and the cost.

Watch Brazil's full breakdown above.

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