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New 49ers receiver Pearsall reveals origin of ‘Slick Rick' nickname

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It’s only a matter of time before Ricky Pearsall is known by his slick nickname in the Bay. 

The 23-year-old wide receiver, who was selected No. 31 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft by the 49ers on Thursday, was a fan favorite at Florida, where he played for two seasons. 

The love and admiration from the Gators' fan base towards Pearsall was so fervent that the receiver was called by his "Slick Rick" nickname. 

Now, in the Bay Area about to commence his professional career, Pearsall isn’t specifically concerned by what the Faithful ends up calling him  – although there’s one nickname that likely will stick in the Bay Area. 

In an interview with 49ers team reporter Lindsey Pallares , the rookie gave his two cents on what he prefers to be called by 49ers fans.

“Whatever they want to, to be honest,” Pearsall told Pallares. “[Slick Rick] just kind of stuck. That was something that stuck in Florida, you know. 

“All the [recruiters] – shoutout to them – kind of ran with it and made it a universal thing. So, whatever they want to call me …” 

In his first visit to Levi’s Stadium, the receiver also provided the backstory to how his Slick Rick nickname came to be. 

And yes, it dates well beyond his Arizona State and Florida college football days. 

“It started in high school, for sure,” Pearsall added. “My friends call me Slick Rick because of the rapper, and then it just stuck with Slick just for short.

“And at that point, it just carried to Florida, and they blew it up and ran with it.” 

Despite San Francisco boasting two of the best receivers in the NFL, Slick Rick is projected to add versatility and depth to an already dynamic 49ers offense.

Now, if Pearsall can deliver slick moments on the field, it’s likely the Faithful will have no trouble carrying on one of the best new nicknames in the NFL.

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