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Edelman believes 49ers ‘struck oil' with seventh-round QB Purdy

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The 49ers appear to have found a diamond in the rough with seventh-round quarterback Brock Purdy.

After being selected as Mr. Irrelevant with the No. 262 and final pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, Purdy rose up San Francisco's depth chart after untimely injuries to starters Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo and took over as QB1 in Week 13 last season and never looked back.

Former NFL wide receiver Julian Edelman appeared on a recent episode of "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd, where he was asked if he was surprised by how well Purdy has played since taking over as the starter last season.

"You have to be, they struck oil," Edelman said. "With the late-round pick, Mr. Irrelevant. When you watch Brock Purdy play, he processes the game. You never see him double-pump on something, double-clutch. He knows where he's going with the ball, and that's a testament to Kyle Shanahan knowing what he likes as a play-caller, what makes Brock comfortable and also Brock going out and executing.

"Like I went out and watched these guys in preseason, and I was a little concerned with his arm strength because he just had the UCL, he was barely getting it out there. And what does Kyle Shanahan do? He gives him plays and throws that he knows he can make. And right now, because of the talent that they have, he doesn't have to play outside of his game. He just has to deliver the football."

With the price of gas and quarterbacks these days, the 49ers are saving themselves quite a bit of money.

San Francisco's roster also is one of, if not the, best in the league this season, and Purdy's $870,000 season salary allows the 49ers the financial flexibility to retain all of their superstars and compete for a Super Bowl now and in the future.

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