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49ers QB Purdy responds to Cowherd's bizarre backward hat critique

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Brock Purdy believes he represents the 49ers organization well as the starting quarterback -- even while wearing his hat backward.

"I guess that's who I am," Purdy told reporters Thursday -- while sporting his hat backward. "I think so."

A subtle smirk radiated from the quarterback's face before he was asked if he knew where the reference came from.

"Some guys have told me in the locker room and stuff, but I don't buy into all the kind of stuff," he said. "I'm just trying to play quarterback and win games."

Earlier this week, Fox Sports' Colin Cowherd raised some eyebrows for his bizarre comments about Purdy.

While the second-year quarterback has grown accustomed to criticism and harsh assessment, the chatter typically has been about his play on the football field and judging his game as QB1 of the 49ers.

Not this time, though. Cowherd's critique had nothing to do with how Purdy has performed on the gridiron and instead was about his choice of apparel.

"There is one thing that does make me pause on San Francisco," Cowherd said last week on "The Herd." "Brock Purdy, 'Hey, you guys want to hit some golf balls?' You got a hat on backward. He's not a franchise quarterback.

"If that guy came to move your couch, you'd be like, 'Are you a professional?' ... His dad needs to call him and say, turn that thing around."

After Purdy responded -- kind of -- to Cowherd's remarks, the sports pundit weighed in one more time, doubling down on his comments and commending Bay Area reporters for asking the question.

"I'm glad the San Francisco media is addressing this fundamental concern about the franchise," Cowherd said. "So I respect the journalism being tendered in San Francisco. They realize the seriousness of this moment. That's real journalism in San Francisco."

Backward had or not, Purdy seems to be doing a pretty good job since taking over as the starter under center in his rookie 2022 season.

And it's clear that if he's not focused on winning an award as prestigious as the NFL MVP honor, he certainly doesn't care about what people say about his headwear choices.

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