Raiders' Antonio Brown picks new helmet for NFL season after long saga


Our long #HelmetGate nightmare finally might be over.

Antonio Brown has decided on the headgear he'll wear for the Raiders this season: The Xenith Shadow.

ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted a photo of AB with the new helmet Wednesday, which was later confirmed by Xenith and Brown himself.

"I choose Xenith," Brown said in a video published by Xenith. "Route-running and position is really key. Being able to put my foot in the ground, and access my net rotation and my eyes to be able to separate from defenders and be able to make that big play.

"Xenith allows me to be able to be flexible and running 20-to-21 miles per hour down the field, and get my head around and track the ball and be able to make those nice catches.

"Xenith is boomin'," Brown finished, with a nod to his "business is boomin'" monicker.

Before choosing Xenith, Brown wore the "Schutt AiR Advantage" helmet. The Schutt model, which Brown filed two grievances with the NFL in hopes of being able to play in, no longer was NOCSAE certified. Brown had been wearing the Schutt AiR Advantage helmet for his entire career with the Pittsburgh Steelers and argued that he should still be able to wear it this year with Oakland.

But to no avail.

The Schutt AiR Advantage also is no longer being produced by manufacturers and was only deemed "adequate," by Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings, which gave it two out of a possible five stars.

So for now, we can rest easy ... it appears the current helmet is working well for him:

We'll see Brown wear the "Xenith Shadow" for the Raiders' Week 1 game against the Broncos this Monday on "Monday Night Football."

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