The 10 best NFL nicknames of all time: ‘Primetime,' ‘The Bus' and more

"Megatron," "The Refrigerator" and more cracked the list, as well

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The NFL has seen some legendary personalities since its creation more than 100 years ago, and with them have come some iconic nicknames.

From names that just roll off the tongue to intimidation tactics, players have earned their nicknames for various reasons. Some are such perfect matches that the players have embraced the monikers off the field.

There’s an endless list of awesome NFL nicknames, but here are 10 of the very best.

Deion Sanders – “Primetime”

Perhaps nobody embraced their nickname on the field more than Deion Sanders, who was always appointment viewing. It’s a nickname so fitting that it has carried into his coaching career.

William “The Refrigerator” Perry

If you saw “The Fridge” running on the field, it was better to get out of the way than try and catch him.

Jerome Bettis – “The Bus”

On the other side of the ball, Jerome Bettis made a career of running over defenders. Combine Bettis’ physique, play style and the Pittsburgh Steelers’ black and yellow uniforms, and you end up with a perfect nickname.

Calvin Johnson – “Megatron”

Like the “Transformers” villain, Calvin Johnson was from another planet.

Chad Johnson – “Ochocinco”

A nickname so good that Chad Johnson decided to make it his legal name.

“Broadway” Joe Namath

Like Broadway actors in the Big Apple, Joe Namath never shied from the big stage during his time in New York.

David “Deacon” Jones

An extraordinary player with a relatively ordinary name, Jones chose a nickname with a religious connotation in the violent world of football.

“Mean” Joe Greene

Not only did “Mean” Joe Greene have a great individual nickname. He was also a star of one of the NFL’s greatest team nicknames, the “Steel Curtain.”

Dick “Night Train” Lane

Speaking of rhyming nicknames, many thought Dick Lane got his “Night Train” moniker from a popular 1950s song. In reality, it came from his fear of flying.

Tyrann Mathieu – “Honey Badger”

From his hair to his tenacious defensive instincts and electric returning abilities, Tyrann Mathieu checked off every box to become the “Honey Badger.”

Honorable mentions

Walter Payton (“Sweetness”), Ken Stabler (“The Snake”), Stephen Baker (“The Touchdown Maker”), Reggie White (“The Minister of Defense”), Elroy Hirsch (“Crazylegs”), Red Grange (“Galloping Ghost”), Marshawn Lynch (“Beast Mode”), Floyd Womack (“Pork Chop”), Tyreek Hill ("Cheetah"), Derrick Henry ("King Henry")

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