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49ers GM Lynch doesn't expect Greenlaw discipline for sideline incident

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Dre Greenlaw's ejection from the 49ers' game against the Philadelphia Eagles last week after a sideline incident with Eagles chief security officer Dom DiSandro was enough punishment.

Well, John Lynch would like to think so.

The 49ers general manager joined KNBR's "Murph and Markus" on Friday morning and addressed if there'd been any follow-up from the NFL regarding the incident and if he'd heard of any further discipline of Greenlaw.

"We haven't heard of that. I don't expect that," Lynch said. "I think the punishment for Dre on the field was enough, which was an ejection. That was, at the time, the game was very much balanced. Dre is an excellent football player. He's a tone-setter for us. He covers so much ground out there. So, we all have to learn from that. Did it feel like it warranted an ejection? Well, it doesn't really matter because they did that. So, we all have to learn.

"We have to learn as a sideline. I've been in that same position that Dre was at when I was a player. One time, a coach put hands on me and you lose your mind because it's hard enough to play out there, and when somebody who's not supposed to put hands on you, there is a visceral reaction."

During the third quarter of the 49ers’ 42-19 win Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field, Greenlaw grabbed Eagles wide receiver DeVonta Smith around the waist and flung him to the ground of Philadelphia's sideline. DiSandro escalated the incident when he put his hands on Greenlaw along the sideline. Greenlaw responded, swiping DiSandro's face before both men were pulled away from each other.

Greenlaw was ejected from the game, and DiSandro was removed from the sideline.

DiSandro spoke with Greenlaw and Lynch after the game, and mutual apologies were exchanged.

"I do know Dom. I've known him for years," Lynch said. "I met him at the Pro Bowl years ago when Andy Reid and the Eagles staff were coaching us over in Hawaii. He's a wonderful human being, he's a good dude.

"He was very apologetic as soon as the game was over. He explained he tried to de-escalate, but in doing so, he actually escalated, and he knew that. He acknowledged it. So, I think everyone handled it well, but you never want to see that because that can really affect the game.

"So, we're going to have to learn from it, they're going to have to learn from it. And the league will handle it how they're going to handle it. But I do think a stern message was sent out in memos and whatnot, that hey controlling your sideline is on you as an organization, and so everybody is going to have to adjust to that."

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the NFL was reviewing the incident and "there is expected to be follow-up" with the Eagles this week. And while 49ers don't anticipate further punishment for Greenlaw, as Lynch stated, they'll have to accept whatever the league decides, then move on from it.

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