Seth jokingly shares two things he's better at than Steph


Steph and Seth Curry will forever be held to a side-by-side comparison for as long as they’re both in the NBA, but it turns out their competitiveness goes beyond basketball. 

Seth sat down with Warriors insider Monte Poole on a recent episode of “Dubs Talk” and shared a pair of things that he’s better at than his big bro. 

“Video games is one, most video games for sure,” Seth said. “And cards. I’m a better card player than him at the moment … We play a little poker, spades, those type of games.”

Seth even joked he takes some money from his four-time NBA champion brother while playing cards. 

When it comes to basketball, though, the comparisons are endless. 

Of course, Steph is often called the greatest shooter of all time, and that became official when he broke Ray Allen's decade-long hold on the 3-point record last December. 

Seth has had to create a name for himself to avoid living in his superstar brother's shadow his entire career. And there's one thing he won't ever let Steph forget.

If you look at the numbers, Seth actually has a better 3-point shooting percentage than Steph. 

It's not by much, by 1.1 percent to be exact, but Seth will definitely ride that wave for as long as he can. 

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"I mean that’s a fact. I say look at the numbers, that’s what I say," Seth said, laughing. "Obviously he shoots more, in all seriousness, he gets them up more, it’s close in percentage, but I mean, if you got one guy to knock down an open shot, I’m taking me because the numbers don’t lie." 

Friendly competition, brotherly love, whatever you want to call it, the Currys are having fun with it. 

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