Klay isn't ‘missing a beat' so far at Warriors minicamp


Warriors guard Mychal Mulder is neither a doctor nor a physical therapist. Doesn’t even play one on TV. But he’s seen enough of Klay Thompson over the past few days to express encouragement about his progress.

Then again, Mulder has the benefit of an up-close inspection. He has spent some time defending the five-time All-Star in team drills.

“Yeah, anytime I get an opportunity, really,” Mulder said Tuesday after practice. “As you know, Klay wasn't playing when I first got here. So, now that we got Klay back on the floor, I try to match up with him as much as I can.”

Mulder, who signed a three-year, non-guaranteed contract in February while Thompson was rehabbing his surgically repaired left ACL, is seeing plenty of the man he hopes will be a teammate next season.

“I see him in the weight room every day, working hard,” Mulder said. “I see him on the court, in the drills. It doesn't look like he misses a shot. From my aspect, it doesn't seem like he's missing a beat.”

Mulder was among those who participated in light 5-on-5 scrimmaging Tuesday. Forward Eric Paschall did not participate. Neither did Thompson, who awaits clearance by director of sports medicine Rick Celebrini.

“I believe in the coming days he’ll be working his way into getting involved in the 5-on-5 drills, stuff like that,” Mulder said of Thompson. “But we played some 3-on-3 ... and he’s looking really good. It’s a really positive outlook from all of us to see him back on the floor, and we're really excited to have him back.”

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At 6-foot-4, Mulder is two inches shorter than Thompson. Both are natural shooting guards, though, so it stands to reason they would see plenty of each other during the minicamp that runs through Oct. 6.

“It's a great opportunity for me and everybody else to really sponge off his knowledge of the game and his leadership,” Mulder said. “So, anytime I get a chance to be on the floor and really get to guard him, and have him guard me, that's a blessing itself and something that makes us all a lot better.”

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