Staley shares details of Shanahan's viral pizza oven throw


If we're judging based on the tape, Kyle Shanahan might have the most impressive highlight reel of any of the 49ers' quarterbacks. 

San Francisco's head coach made waves on the internet on July 4 after a video went viral of him throwing a football on the roof of one house, into the pizza oven on the roof of the house across the street.

Take a look: 

Former 49ers left tackle and new analyst for NBC Sports Bay Area, Joe Staley, joined the "49ers Talk" podcast, where he revealed what really happened at the July 4 party. 

“So we were at (Kyle Shanahan’s) neighbor’s house, that was his neighbor’s rooftop, and Kyle actually threw that (at) his house, that wasn’t just a random house he was throwing footballs at,” Staley said.

“His kids were outside his house, my daughter was out there as well doing a lemonade stand for everyone who was walking to and from the beach," Staley said. "Kyle being Kyle, he’s talking for five minutes about how he’s got the best arm and he was like ‘I could hit that, no question.’ I was like ‘do it,’ and everybody is just egging him on, like ‘do it, do it!' "

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Shanahan, a film junkie himself, wanted footage of his throw. You know, to help him improve on his passing ability of course. 

"He was (about to) and then he was like ‘tape this, I want to see it.’ So his buddy got the video, that was the first time and he did it. That was actually really impressive, and then from that moment on for about two days, he wouldn’t stop talking about it.

“Also, how fancy is Kyle that he has a pizza oven?”

Shanahan would not live the moment down. Six and a half weeks later, he continued to discuss his unbelievable throw, wishing he had shown the team. 

“When I got to (49ers joint practice in Southern California) within 10 minutes of seeing Kyle, he brought it up again. He was like ‘I should have shown that pizza clip to the team, that was a missed opportunity. I should have shown that because it was one of the highlights of my life.' "

If either Jimmy Garoppolo or Trey Lance ever struggle with their mechanics this season, Shanahan has just the video that will help them fix their mistakes. 

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