Mostert explains positives of Lance, Jimmy G QB rotation


Raheem Mostert was in the backfield for the 49ers' quarterback shuffle on the first drive of Sunday's preseason finale against the Las Vegas Raiders. Mostert ended up logging seven carries on the drive, including five handoffs from rookie Trey Lance on zone-read concepts.

After the blowout win at Levi's Stadium, Mostert didn't seem to have any qualms about the rotating QBs, telling reporters Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo both bring "a little bit of everything" to the 49ers' offense.

"Between the two quarterbacks, you get a little bit of everything," Mostert said. "You get Jimmy as the pocket passer, making plays and stuff like that. But then you also get with Trey, he can do run and pass, so can Jimmy, as you saw today when he scored that touchdown. It's nice to have both quarterbacks in and just get a feel for both of them, it's truly a blessing."

Mostert's workload was complete after that first drive, as the 49ers hope to sort out what will be a difficult decision on finalizing the group of running backs that will back up the veteran.

Wayne Gallman led the 49ers in carries with 13, racking up 60 yards in his final chance to audition for coach Kyle Shanahan and the offensive staff.

The 49ers' choice to rotate Lance and Garoppolo caught just about everyone off guard, but Shanahan had spoken in recent days about doing similar substitutions in practices at training camp.

“I just wanted them to get live action of it," Shanahan said postgame. "And we've done in practice a couple of times and this was the last time before we're going to get in the regular season. So, it's the last time you can have the opportunity to do it. So, I kind of wanted to do it this game.”

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The 49ers' head coach indicated that the shuffling of QBs could be an option for the offense during the regular season.

“Yeah, it is an option. So, whether it's in their mind or not, that's up to them, but we've got two guys who can play. And we've been doing in practice a little bit, wanted to do it out there in the game, and I think it's always going to be an option.”

Both Garoppolo and Lance spoke positively about the situation following the game, emphasizing their trust in Shanahan and the coaching staff.

“Whatever’s best for the team, I’m here for it,” Garoppolo said. “It’s just one of those things, whatever’s best for the team, you got to get behind that and be part of that, and I think that makes for you being the best player you can be, too.

“It’s all tied together. We’re all in this thing together. We’ll see where it goes.”

“I’m going to hand the ball off until I can’t, until the defense makes me keep it,” Lance said. “It’s fun. I trust Coach Shanahan, and I know Jimmy does. He’s going to find ways to get the guy that need the ball, the ball and do whatever it takes to win games.”

It worked wonders Sunday against the Raiders' reserves, but we'll see how Shanahan utilizes his quarterbacks on Sept. 12 in the 49ers' regular-season opener in Detroit against the Lions.

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