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49ers' Kittle tells heartwarming, funny proposal story involving injury

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Claire and George Kittle have been happily married since 2019. 

However, the duo’s proposal story wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Not until the perfect moment, at least.

The 49ers’ all-time leader in tight end receiving yards shared in an NFL Films feature how he had to fight through injury and secrecy to finally hear Claire say “yes” to his marriage proposal.

“I got the ring, planned it,” George told NFL Films. “I had this big trick. I told her that the 49ers were doing a couple’s photoshoot for the whole team and that I had to choose a place. I chose this beach just south of Santa Cruz. It would be really fun. It was a day after one of our preseason games.

“The tough thing was the preseason game. We’re playing the [Dallas] Cowboys and on the third play of the game, I got my knee taken out. I sprained my MCL and dislocated my shoulder on the same play. I walked off the field, I’m very proud of that.”

George’s injuries weren’t pretty, and he's proud of his ability to walk off his pain. He's also be proud of his ability to fake a team-wide photoshoot.

He also noted practicing his one-knee stance in his hot tub after the game, ultimately deciding he could summon enough strength on the sand the next day.

“So we do the whole photoshoot,” George told NFL Films. “We take a bunch of photos. The photographer is like, ‘I’m going to take a solo one of (Claire).’ I get behind her, I get down on one knee. And I’m literally on one knee for probably 30 seconds. ‘Please turn around. Please turn around.’ And she finally did.”

The Kittles laughed when recalling George’s inner monologue begging Claire to turn around, as his knees couldn’t have taken much more stress.

Nonetheless, the two made it work, and the Kittles will likely repeat the story to family and friends forever.

The Kittles likely enjoyed the Week 9 bye, which allowed George’s body some much-needed rest.

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