Baby-faced Purdy confirms he shaves in hilarious interview moment


Brock Purdy turned 23 years old in December, but his 49ers teammates -- and seemingly everyone else -- give him a hard time about looking so young.

The quarterback stopped by NFL Network's "Super Bowl Live" show during Radio Row festivities this week in Phoenix, where he hilariously confirmed he does indeed own a razor despite his baby face.

"I did have one bad piece of news for you, though, because you're going to get a chance as a quarterback, and as quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, you're going to have so many different companies coming to you to push product," NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah told Purdy. "I don't think shaving cream is going to be one of them.

"Have you ever shaved? The baby face!"

Purdy took the joke in stride, as it's one he certainly has heard before.

"Man, I know. All my teammates are like, 'Dude, when did you get your driver's license, like right when you got here?' " Purdy laughed. "And I'm like, 'Guys, come on.' But no, I shave like, every two days, but guys just don't believe it.

"But it's all good."

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Purdy might need help shaving come Feb. 22, when he's scheduled to undergo surgery on the torn right UCL he sustained during the 49ers' NFC Championship loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

But with youth on his side, both Purdy and San Francisco are hoping the signal-caller makes a full recovery in time for training camp.

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