Derek Carr believes Antonio Brown's apology helps Raiders move forward


ALAMEDA – Quarterback Derek Carr was there alongside Antonio Brown, standing in front of a Raiders team meeting Friday morning while the superstar receiver apologized for a messy situation a few days before.

Brown was involved in a verbal altercation with general manager Mike Mayock on Wednesday following a fine letter he posted on social media, which prompted the Raiders to consider suspending him for conduct detrimental to the team.

That could’ve voided guarantees in Brown’s contract, including this year’s $14.625 million base salary and sent the Raiders season down the drain before it even began.

That’s not what anyone wanted, especially Brown.

He issued what has been characterized by those who were there as a sincere apology – much different than what he gave publicly – that played a huge role in him mending fences and the Raiders deciding not to suspend him.

Carr was there for that moment, which he hopes can allow the Raiders to get past this issue and put focus back on football.

“This morning, Antonio addressed the team,” Carr said. “We were up there with him, a couple of captains. We communicated back and forth and, when that was done we were all excited to move forward.”

The Raiders will move forward with Brown in the fold as a major component of the offensive game plan.

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That’s a preferred outcome over a year ago, when the Khalil Mack trade deflated the Raiders locker room. That crew never recovered, but this one hopes to move on quickly and let Brown’s play be the focus over the drama that has surrounded him all summer.

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