Why Ja really deleted his Poole ‘broke the code' tweet


Months later, the Western Conference semifinals matchup between the Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies is still being talked about. 

The high-intensity, controversial six-game series brought something different with each game, and we’re still learning new developments to this day. 

While speaking with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks on Sunday, Grizzlies star Ja Morant addressed his now-deleted “broke the code” tweet seemingly aimed at Jordan Poole after suffering a knee injury during Game 3. 

“Obviously, I was frustrated how I got hurt. I sent the tweet,” Morant told Rooks. “I actually -- once again, my mom came into play like, ‘No, delete it.’ Then I seen people start trying to talk trash like, ‘Oh, you delete it.’ You saw at that time, I probably would have got fined for stuff I said, but I had to take that into consideration. But it's all good. I ain't tripping on that no more.”

Morant might be one of the most talented young players in the league, but at the end of the day, mama still knows best. 

Plus, the young men worked things out on their own -- in person. 

“Even when we were back at Golden State when I was walking on the court, [Poole] asked me was I good? Dapped me up,” Morant said. “Even some of their other players asked me on the side as well … That's what it's all about. We all at the end of the day, care for each other, all want everybody to succeed. So I don't think there’s too much dirty players in this league to go and do anything.

“But after that, frustrated, in pain, not knowing what the results was going to be at the time. My mind pretty much was all over the place. So there's a lot of frustration that went into that and then after the first incident where everybody was trying to bash my teammate not even knowing that he apologized and stuff like he didn't mean to do it, that went into play, too.”

The “broke the code” drama actually began after Dillon Brooks' Flagrant Foul Penalty 2 on Gary Payton II in Game 2. Payton fractured his left elbow after being hit in the head from behind on a clothesline from Brooks. 

After the game, Warriors coach Steve Kerr said Brooks "broke the code," hence why Morant used that against Poole and the Warriors in Game 3. 

The NBA has changed a lot over the years and will continue to change over the next several years. But this "code" gets tossed around more and more with every season. 

What is "code" to Morant, though? 

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"Safe plays, pretty much," Morant said. "Honestly, I don't ever think anybody go out to hurt anybody, for sure. I feel like even if you don't like a person, you're just not going to go and try to end a person’s career or anything like that. But no, it's just being safe you know, it's just certain things you pretty much can't do. Obviously, we had two incidents in that series where players went out, but at the end of the day, you got apologies from both of those players who did whatever.

"I feel like we all rooting for each other that end of the day, playing in the league you got to be safe. You got to obviously protect yourself but if you have a chance to stop something or let somebody keep playing in the series, pretty much just don't do it, but it’s over now. It is what it is."

Hopefully, the high-intensity series can stay in the past so fans still recovering can continue to do so in peace. Next season's matchups between the two teams likely won't disappoint either. 

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