Steph roasts Brady for unretiring, returning to play in NFL


Athletes weren't safe from Warriors' Steph Curry, who went after a couple of players during his opening monologue as host at the ESPYs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady was on the receiving end of a joke. 

Brady famously retired, then unretired earlier this year, and Curry decided to roast the 44-year-old for his decision during his monologue. 

Curry stated many were asking him, "why don't you want to go on vacation? Kick your feet up. Relax. Why keep filling up the schedule?" The Golden State star continued by jokingly saying that attempting to take it easy can take its toll. 

"... After celebrating three kids' birthdays in two weeks, I finally understand why Tom Brady keeps coming back to work. Relaxation sometimes is exhausting," Curry joked. 

"Tom Brady speaking of, he's the only guy I know on Earth who'd rather get hit by Aaron Donald than hang out with a supermodel. We all make choices. Sometimes you don't understand some of them."

Brady wasn't the only athlete or sports franchise getting roasted by Curry as Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, and the Sacramento Kings weren't safe from the Warriors star

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