Report: Nov. 18 date for NBA draft could be finalized soon


It looks like the NBA and National Basketball Players Association are closing in on a new date for the 2020 NBA Draft.

Nothing is official yet, but ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported Wednesday afternoon that Nov. 18 is the target.

The Warriors -- who own the rights to the No. 2 overall pick -- have been holding out hope they will get a chance to watch prospects work out in person, and/or meet face-to-face with them.

Well, Golden State president of basketball operations Bob Myers might see his wish come true.

"I value body language, eye contact and those type of things," Myers said in June. "Even seeing a guy move within your own gym -- you want to see them. Even if it's 1-on-0. There's value in that.

"And additionally, you're not just hiring someone -- you're guaranteeing them tens of millions of dollars for some of these top picks. The comfort level diminishes the less exposure and interaction you have."

Additionally, the Warriors and every other franchise need to know the exact financial particulars before making significant roster decisions this offseason.

"Without knowing the economic variables that are gonna be there, it's hard for me to say unequivocally what direction we'll go," Myers told The Athletic's Tim Kawakami in late August. "That should appear obvious. But I should make sure it's known.

"In a regular year, I could say with more confidence that we would be very, very aggressive. And that's not to say we won't. But I don't know. It just depends. Joe (Lacob) always tilts towards winning, but there's always an economic bend to everything we do."

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