NBA rumors: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving planned vacation pre-Achilles tear


Today is a day that ends in "y" so that means a new piece of information involving Warriors superstar Kevin Durant's pending free agency has come to light.

Frank Isola of The Athletic has the details:

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, according to a league source, were planning a vacation at the end of the season; a quick getaway to spend quality time together and map out their respective futures.

Those plans – as well as the entire 2019-20 NBA season, really – changed dramatically when Durant’s Achilles ruptured in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. 

First, KD and Kyrie are close friends, and it's completely normal for friends to vacation together.

Second, this doesn't mean they were going to end up agreeing to sign with the same team this summer.

Recent reports have indicated that Kyrie is very much planning on joining the Nets and that he is trying to get the two-time NBA Finals MVP to go with him.

But on Wednesday night, Brian Lewis of The New York Post reported that Brooklyn is having an internal debate about whether to sign Kyrie if Durant doesn't want to play for the Nets.

You would think that information like this would only surface if the Nets believed KD was going elsewhere. Otherwise, why would it leak out?

The Warriors reportedly are planning to offer the 10-time All-Star a max deal worth about $220 million over five seasons. But they might not be the team that pays him the majority of that money.

As ESPN's Brian Windhorst said Thursday morning on "Get Up!":

"The Durant situation is still in flux. One of the things that is being discussed right now is that the Golden State Warriors would offer Kevin Durant a five-year contract -- $57 million more than he could get signing elsewhere -- let him rehab, and then work with him to be traded, potentially to New York, potentially to somewhere else.

"It would be there a way to sort of take care of him monetarily after what he just went through and also protect the franchise to get some assets."

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Windhorst did not say that this is what KD has asked of the Warriors. This could just be something that Golden State offers Durant if he tells them that he is going to sign with another franchise.

The situation is very fluid and this all might be old news by the time you're reading this.

Perhaps you should just go on a vacation for three weeks and then see where the dust settles...

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