How'd players survive bubble? LeBron drops Warriors' slogan


There are a lot of memorable things about the Warriors' dynasty, but not many things top the slogan they created early in their five-year NBA Finals runs.

"Strength in Numbers."

That slogan was plastered everywhere. On T-shirts, on banners all over then-Oracle Arena. On merchandise.

It personified the Warriors' ethos. The sum was greater than the parts.

And that motto was so memorable that LeBron James referenced it shortly after the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Miami Heat to win the 2020 NBA title on Sunday night.

During an interview with ESPN's Scott Van Pelt, LeBron was asked what he'll remember most about the NBA bubble in Orlando, Fla.

"I would say three things," James said. "One, how committed our players was to continue to press the envelope and to continue to press the gas on what's going on in our country. From voter suppression to the racism that continues to go on, to the police brutality that happened a few times, we all stood together.

"And we heard the Golden State Warriors over the years. I keep talking about this, but we heard 'Strength in Numbers.' And we were united. We were all united, no matter if you agree with some of the things people were saying, from the players, or you disagreed, we stayed united."

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You know a slogan or motto resonates when LeBron mentions it moments after winning a title during a playoff-run that didn't even include the Warriors.

What else will LeBron take away from the NBA bubble?

"The second thing is, the camaraderie with my teammates," James said. "Just being around them every single day, doing the things that we did off the court and on the court, it made me be able to survive without my family because they truly were my brotherhood. I wouldn't have been able to do it without them.

"And the third thing ... to be able to say NBA Finals 2020, Los Angeles Lakers is champions, it makes it all worth it."

LeBron and the Lakers are the champs now, and the Warriors currently are out of sight. But they clearly aren't out of mind.

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Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green hope to make another run at an NBA title next season, and the Lakers now stand in their way of accomplishing that goal.

After a 15-50 season, it will take "Strength in Numbers" for the Warriors to rebound and dethrone the Lakers.

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