Grant Williams reveals trash talk with Draymond during Finals


Warriors forward Draymond Green is one of the better trash talkers in the NBA, as the 32-year-old looks to get under his opponent's skin and throw them off their game. 

During the 2022 NBA Finals, Green and Boston Celtics forward Grant Williams had their share of back and forths during the matchup. In a recent interview with "The Long Shot with Duncan Robinson and Davis Reid," Williams shared some details of the trash talk between himself and Green. 

Williams stated that he did his research on the Golden State star to make sure he was prepared for the war of words on the hardwood. 

"... I remember somebody told me a story about how he got into an altercation when he was younger, and he was knocked out," Williams said. 

"I literally was doing research, and I was dialed in, trying to just throw him off. And then that's the first time I've ever had Dray like not say something back to me. And I was like, yeah, I got one that time ..."

Williams continued by sharing more stories of the trash talk the two players had in the NBA Finals, including one where Green told the 23-year-old he was trying to emulate him, but the Boston forward again had a quick retort for the four-time All-Star. 

"... Most times, they only show [Green's] trash talks. I'm just like, I'm over here. Like, dang, nobody here hears what I'm saying. I'm saying some cool stuff," Williams said. 

"[Draymond] said, 'You're trying to be like me,'" Williams continued. "I said, 'How am I trying to be like you if I'm better than you already?'"

"So we were just going back and forth. But that's all love."

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There's no doubt that when these two players are on the floor together for the next Warriors-Celtics matchup, the cameras will be always on them.

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