Dubs, Mavs react to bizarre rain delay in West finals Game 4


The NBA playoffs -- where anything can happen. 

A rain delay in a basketball game isn’t common, but Tuesday’s Western Confernence finals Game 4 matchup between the Warriors and Dallas Mavericks was a rare exception when a leak from the roof dripped onto the Warriors’ bench and extended halftime. 

Warriors guard Jordan Poole said it was his first time ever experiencing a rain delay during a basketball game. 

And while Warriors coach Steve Kerr didn’t deny the bizarreness of it all, he didn’t think it was much of an issue when the game finally resumed. 

“No, once they got it cleared up, everything was fine,” Kerr said after the Warriors’ 119-109 loss to the Mavs. “So the only explanation was there was a leak, and obviously, it was right in that corner in front of our bench. When it was cleared up, it was not an issue.” 

On the other side, this wasn’t anything new to Mavericks coach Jason Kidd, who’s seen his fair share of rain delays. 

“We've been there before,” Kidd said after the game. “We've had the basket tilted. We've had rain delays before. We've been able to execute in both those scenarios.

“So this wasn't the first rain delay we've had. To be able to stay warm, stay ready. Again, this group doesn't let anything faze them. They went out there in the second half, in the third quarter, as we talked about at halftime, we had to win it. That's what that group did.”

During the game, though, Kidd’s familiarity with the situation allowed him to throw in a subtle yet perfect dad joke about the rain. 

“It’s raining everywhere,” Kidd said at the extended halftime. “Is that how bad it’s raining outside? It has to be. We made it rain in the first half.” 

Of course, Kidd was referring to his team’s impressive 3-point shooting in the first half after going 8-of-10 from deep in the opening quarter and 12-of-20 from behind the arc at halftime. 

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The jokes continued after the game when Luka Dončić said he’d ask Mavs legend Dirk Nowitzki to fix the leak coming from the roof. 

Now, the Mavericks will probably not be making any more jokes as they focus on turning this series around ahead of Game 5 in San Francisco on Thursday. 

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