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CP3 offers perfect response to NBA referee who dissed him

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Chris Paul and NBA referees go together like oil and vinegar these days.

While the Warriors guard's contentious history with official Scott Foster is well documented, Paul recently was slammed by former ref Bill Spooner as one of the "biggest a------s" in the league. When asked about Spooner's diss Wednesday on "The Pat McAfee Show," Paul responded in a way only he could.

"There's probably a lot more [referees] that feel like that," Paul told McAfee. "That ref, I had to look him up ... He was in the league for a long time, and you probably can guess who one of his homeboys is.

"He was probably mad that I didn't put him in that last State Farm commercial."

Warning: The video below contains NSFW language

Paul, of course, implied Spooner and Foster are tight. And based on Spooner's assessment of the Point God, who doesn't have the best reputation with referees, it's clear there's some disdain there.

“I’m going to tell you, and I know you are recording me, but I get asked all the time: ‘Who are some of the tough guys, some of the bad guys?’ And when I tell them that Chris Paul, in my 32 years in the league, was one of the biggest a------s I ever dealt with, they say, ‘Not Rasheed Wallace … or da-da-da?’ Nope. Nothing like [Paul],” Spooner told The Athletic's Jason Quick. “… And they are like, ‘Oh, he seems like such a nice guy.’ And I say, ‘Yeah, he’s a great image cultivator.' ”

Fighting words, but it appears as though Paul let them roll right off his back.

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