What Bonds told Hunter after iconic 2002 All-Star HR robbery


The MLB All-Star Game was on Tuesday, and one of the marquee moments in the game's history was in 2002 when Giants slugger Barry Bonds hit the ball to right-center field, leading to Minnesota Twins outfielder Torii Hunter making the leaping catch

On the 20th anniversary of the home run-robbing grab, Hunter joined "The Morning Roast" on 95.7 The Game to talk about the catch. The former center fielder stated he went onto the field hoping to snatch a long ball, just not from Bonds. 

"Nobody really knows, but before that game, I said, you know what? ... Before I went out there, I was running, I was like, 'Hey, man, that'd be cool to grab a home run, right?" Hunter said he told himself ahead of the home run-robbing play.  

"But when I got out there and they said, 'Now batting., Barry Bonds.' I say, 'Don't hit it to me. Don't hit it to me.' Lo and behold, this dude, boom, hits the ball, and I'm like, 'Oh, man.'"

When Bonds initially hit the ball, it appeared in Hunter's eyes that it was leaving the field for a home run. However, the wind kept the ball in play, and the former Twins star said after jogging, he accelerated and made the jump leading to the famous catch and some recognition from Bonds.

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"So I took a courtesy jog after because I thought it was far gone. Then the wind kind of brought it back ... I got higher than normal. I caught the ball, and I came down, and Ichiro is next to me, and he said, 'Holy," Hunter said. 

"... I run off the field, trot off the field ... [Bonds] went high and pretended like he was giving me a high five, and he went low and picked me up, put me on his shoulder like a rag doll ... He said, 'Great catch, kid.'" 

Hunter recalls the catch as the greatest moment of his career as he got a chance to rob a home run from one of baseball's most prominent hitters.

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