Kuip fine with rooting for Dodgers against NL Wild Card teams


There are some situations that supersede a heated rivalry. 

Longtime Giants play-by-play announcer Duane Kuiper believes that when it comes to playoff positioning and matchups, it's OK to root for the team going against one the Giants are chasing in the NL Wild Card race, even if they're playing the Los Angeles Dodgers.

"I have no problem cheering for the Dodgers," Kuiper said on Thursday's episode of the Giants Talk podcast. He added that as long as the Giants aren't playing the Dodgers, he has no issues rooting for the Dodgers against teams chasing a Wild Card spot.

For example, if the Dodgers are playing the Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, or St. Louis Cardinals, it would be OK for Giants fans to cheer on the Dodgers. Kuiper does understand that while it might 'hurt' to root for a team boasting Justin Turner, Trea Turner, and Cody Bellinger, looking ahead to what matters at the end of the season is important. 

"If it means getting the Giants to slot in that No. 3 spot, then I'm all for it. Go for it," Kuiper concluded.

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As it stands, unless the Dodgers have a monumental collapse and the Giants capitalize, the Giants have a very small chance of winning the NL West. Although the Giants have a better chance of leapfrogging the Padres in the NL West, their best chance of making the playoffs is through the Wild Card, with the Cardinals occupying the third and final spot. 

That might be easier said than done, however.

Despite the Giants hovering around .500 with the All-Star break and trade deadline around the corner, they will need to play much better in order to fully thrust themselves into the Wild Card conversation. Perhaps the time off will give the team a much-needed boost and with it being an even-numbered year, there might be a chance that the Giants pull off some October magic. 

They have to find their way to the postseason first, even if that journey sees them rooting for the Dodgers every now and again. 

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