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Melvin reveals family ties to Chiefs' Kelce, Reid

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Giants manager Bob Melvin shares a close connection with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and head coach Andy Reid.  

In talking to KNBR’s “Murph & Markus” on Friday,  Melvin explained how his cousin Tom ties him to Kelce and Reid.

“Well, [Tom] was Andy Reid’s coach since San Francisco State -- they were on the coaching staff together," Melvin told Brian Murphy and Markus Boucher. “[Tom’s] been with him all throughout the Philadelphia [Eagles] years [and] the Kansas City years. He’s just a great football coach. It’s coming a little bit more to fruition with Kelce being a high-profile guy, [and having coached] Brent Celek. He's had some really good tight ends. He’s been doing this for quite a while.”

Tom is a tight ends coach and has been on Reid’s staff dating back to their days in the Bay Area -- over thirty years ago, as well as in Philadelphia and Kansas City. 

As a result of following Reid to the Chiefs, Tom has won three Super Bowls, coaching Kelce for the 34-year-old’s entire 11-year career in the process.

Bob has kept up with Tom and his coaching endeavors, attending practices and games whenever he’s in town as a fan, cousin or MLB manager. 

He’s grown to know Reid well over the years, too. 

“Almost every time that I'm in town, whether in Kansas City or Philadelphia, I would at least go to practices,” Melvin told Murphy and Boucher. "And I’ve known Andy for a long time, too, and what a terrific guy [he is]. Last year, the Super Bowl being in Arizona -- I live in Arizona -- and I went out to practices out there, too. I’ve been to quite a few of those.”

During the 49ers and Chiefs’ Super Bowl LIV matchup in 2020, Bob struggled to choose a side as a lifelong 49ers fan and Bay Area native with family ties on enemy lines -- he likely dealt with the same issue during Super Bowl LVIII.

And while Bob and Kelce are connected by Chiefs coach Melvin, it’s unlikely San Francisco’s general manager will get an invite to a potential Kelce-Taylor Swift wedding if it were to happen.

“I doubt I’ll get an invite to that one,” Bob told Boucher and Murphy. “[Tom] might. I probably won’t get that list.”

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