Kaval wants new A's stadium to eclipse Giants' Oracle Park


The Athletics hosted the Giants on Friday for the beginning of a three-game Bay Bridge Series, and A’s president Dave Kaval was on the field at the Coliseum prior to the game. He was asked about the state of the Howard Terminal stadium proposal, and specifically about why the team has no desire stay at the current site in Oakland.

"I think we've been really clear,” Kaval said. “I think the league's been really clear that this site does not fit the 21st century vision for baseball in North America and you need a downtown, urban location to be successful, especially in a two-team market where you have the Giants in a similar stadium in the waterfront, and we're going to do everything we can to have a stadium at the level where they eclipse what they have at Oracle in San Francisco and we have that vision."

Kaval said, for now, the biggest issue is dealing with the county after the City Council voted yes on the term sheet on July 20.

“That was a big part of the city’s proposal to us so we’re just waiting and seeing how that plays out over the next month,” Kaval said.

The economic report, Kaval said, could be public as early as October.

The “yes” vote, made on the council’s term sheet, essentially meant the A’s, and the city, would be open to continuing negotiations, but Kaval remained firm that it was not a positive interaction.

“We remain disappointed that they didn’t vote on our plan,” Kaval said. “That has not changed, but by the same token, we are hopeful to make progress on negotiations with them. Time will tell how that plays out. We’re still getting all the other processes working.

“We’ve been focused more on the environmental review and making sure that process continues to move forward,” Kaval said. “As well as design guidelines and other approvals. On the economic terms, we’re still trying to reengage on that.”

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Until then, the A’s will continue traveling to Las Vegas, one of the main cities MLB has detailed as a possible, future relocation site for the Green and Gold. 

Kaval reiterated that the conversations are continuing with the city of Oakland and the relationship seems strong, but did say they’re planning a trip to Las Vegas soon, though he didn’t offer specifics as to when those trips would take place.

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