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New York Mets unveil City Connect uniforms for 2024

The Mets’ City Connect uniforms will be worn on Saturdays exclusively for home games beginning April 27

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The Mets are adding two more colors to their wardrobe while elevating the essence of what it means to represent New York. 

While the standard blue and orange will still be in the rotation, the Mets will incorporate gray for New York City's concrete jungle and purple for the 7 subway line that hits Citi Field. The Mets’ City Connect uniforms will be worn on Saturdays exclusively for home games beginning April 27.

The New York City connection does not stop there. 

The pinstripes on both the uniform's top and bottom are comprised of circles and diamonds, representing the city’s countless subway lines. 

The shirt, which reads “NYC” represents all five boroughs of the city while the sleeve patch is meant to resemble a subway token.

Players will have their names on their backs written in a font that has historically only been used on the fronts of their away jerseys. The bottom of the shirt has a purple inscription that reads “The World’s City.”

To top the look off, the hat features the impressive steelwork of the Queensboro bridge while the cap’s inside highlights an artistic visual of the NYC subway system.

“It’s all about connecting to New York,” said Andy Goldberg, the Mets’ chief marketing officer and part of the team that worked with Nike on the City Connect threads. “A lot of detail, a lot of focus on this idea that yeah, it’s not orange and blue by design. It’s meant to connect to New York. It’s meant to not just be an alternate Mets uniform. It’s our City Connect. It is how Met fans can represent across the world.”

The design took more than two years of planning and went through nearly 30 variations before getting the final stamp of approval from Mets stars Francisco Lindor and Brandon Nimmo, according to MLB.

City Connect uniforms debuted in 2021, giving teams a way to link to environments creatively. The Mets are among the eight teams that have opted into the uniforms this season. 

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