A's slugger Khris Davis discusses his consistent .247 batting average


OAKLAND -- One thing synonymous with A's designated hitter Khris Davis -- well, besides home runs -- is the .247 batting average he cannot seem to escape.

For each of the last four seasons, the 31-year-old has finished the season with a .247 batting average. And at one point recently, this happened:

Of course it did. 

I was curious to know what he thinks of it all. Multiple members of the media have told me he would joke about it, but with all the hoopla surrounded around it, does he even care?

"I try not to think about it too much," Davis told NBC Sports California. "But it's kind of a weird coincidence, I suppose. No one's ever done it, so it's kind of a proud accomplishment."

"But at the same time, I wish it was higher," he laughed. "But at least it's consistent. It's just one of those weird things that's kind of fun to talk about."

He doesn't think about it when he goes up to the plate either ... at least he tries not to, he said. And with baseball being obsessed with the numbers game, he's liking the relationship between him and that number to a certain extent. 

"It's brought some conversation, but yeah I'm glad they know who I am."

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And they certainly do.

Davis signed a two-year, $33.5 million extension with the A's last week, keeping him in Oakland through the 2021 season. And as fun as the .247 average is, many, including him, are hoping he can finish with a higher average this season.

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