Chris Wondolowski Q&A: Earthquakes star could play one more MLS season


Chris Wondolowski is a local treasure. 

Raised in Danville, the striker began his MLS career with San Jose in 2005, and even returned in 2009 after the previous version of the franchise moved to Houston.

Last year, Wondolowski became the league’s all-time leading goal scorer, only made more special by the fact that at 13 years old, he attended the very first MLS match, which just happened to be in San Jose.

NBC Sports California caught up with “Wondo” via FaceTime on Wednesday. 

How does a shortened or canceled MLS season affect what Wondolowski was planning to be his last?
“That’s a very good question. I ran scenarios through my head about how this season was going to go. I thought I hit the best, and the worst. But I did not see this coming, that’s for sure. I would like to leave the door cracked, I guess. This isn’t really how I want to go out.”

On the little-known truth that Wondolowski uses pick-up basketball to stay in shape during the offesasons:
“The jumper is OK. I’m great on the fast-break, and I can “d-up” pretty well. The jumper is all right, I’m more of a Sean Livingston game. More of a facilitator, 3pointers aren’t my strong point.”

On Earthquakes coach Matías Almeyda surprising everyone by shaving his long hair completely off this week:
“I did not see that coming. He had some nice flowing locks and, was very proud fo them. And I thought they’d be there for a little bit. It took me by shock. We were able to send a couple texts, but he’s all about it. Good mustache though, too.

On his experience last September of being suspended for one home match, and watching it from the stands with the Ultras:
“I’ve always said If I wasn’t playing, that’s where I’d be anyways. I do love the game and love this club, and feel that I am one of them, an Ultra. It’s crazy. I didn’t think I knew the songs but all of a sudden, they start singing and I know them all right away.”

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On holding the MLS all-time goal record, and how long it will stand:
“I do hope that it gets smashed, that it’s not even close. So that I’m not thinking about that one [more]  goal I would have liked to get. The other one is that I hope it’s a cool name who gets to pass me. I got to pass Landon Donovan, so I feel horrible for him, because it’s me.”

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