2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games: Key dates announced


It might be six years from now, but It’s never too early to mark your calendars for the world’s most engaging international sports competition. 

It’s official: The dates for the 2028 Summer Olympics, which will be showcased in the City of Angels, have been released.

We still have two other Olympic Games to get through until we enter California in a few years, with competitions set to take place in Paris and Italy. But come 2028, and we are back in the U.S.

Let’s take a look at some key dates and other facts about Los Angeles hosting the 2028 Games:

When will the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics begin?

The 2028 Summer Olympics will begin on July 14, 2028, and run through July 30.

The announcement was made during a press conference, which was attended by L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti.

“Los Angeles is a special place for sport. The confirmation of the Games dates now gives L.A. a firm deadline when it will need to be ready to welcome the world,” Nicole Hoevertsz, an executive from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said during the press conference.

When will the Opening Ceremony take place?

The Opening Ceremony for the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Games will take place on July 14, 2028. 

Where will the Opening Ceremony be held?

The Opening Ceremony for the 2028 Summer Games will take place from two Los Angeles destinations, including the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and SoFi Stadium. This is the first time an Opening Ceremony will be featured across two destinations.

In what L.A. locations will the 2028 Summer Games be held?

The 2028 Summer Games will be held all throughout several venues in southern California.

When will the 2028 Paralympics be held?

The 2028 Paralympic Games will take place the following month, beginning Aug. 15.

When’s the last time the U.S. hosted the Olympics?

The 2028 Los Angeles Games will be the first time in over two decades that the U.S. has hosted an Olympics. The last U.S.-hosted Games occurred in 2002 in Salt Lake City. 

The last U.S.-hosted Summer Games occurred in 1996 in Atlanta.

How many times has Los Angeles hosted the Olympics?

Los Angeles is no newcomer to hosting the most popular quadrennial event in the international sports world.

The City of Angels hosted the 1932 Summer Games and the 1984 Summer Games, making this the third time it will be a summer host. L.A. is actually the third city to host the Games three times, following Paris, which will hold the 2024 Games, and London.


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