NFL Twitter roasts Cowboys for final play call vs. 49ers


The Dallas Cowboys Cowboyed.

Down 19-12 against the 49ers with five seconds to go and a trip to the NFC Championship Game on the line, the Cowboys lined up in a rather intriguing way for a potential late-game miracle.

Running back Ezekiel Elliott lined up as the center and only offensive lineman, with Dak Prescott in the shotgun and Malik Davis beside him. Multiple offensive linemen and receivers lined up out wide. If that sounds confusing, it turned out exactly how you'd expect. 

Elliott got steamrolled as two defenders nearly got to Prescott, but he completed an overthrown pass short of the sticks to KaVontae Turpin. But before Turpin landed back to the ground after jumping, 49ers safety Jimmie Ward decked him to wipe out any chance of a lateral pass.

NFL Twitter had a field day reacting to the Cowboys' botched play, with some pointing out the similarities between the memorable Indianapolis Colts' failed trick play from 2015. 

Here are some of the best reactions:

The play sealed the 49ers' trip to the NFC Championship Game, where they will head to Philadelphia to take on the No. 1-seeded Eagles.

After head coach Mike McCarthy's comments in build up to the game, maybe that final call is why the Cowboys were deemed underdogs coming into the showdown.

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