Why Steve Kerr, Warriors coaches groan on every Steph Curry breakaway


Now that we know Steph Curry didn't get hurt when he slipped on a breakaway against the Lakers last Monday, it's OK to laugh.

But Curry breakaways apparently are no laughing matter for Steve Kerr and the rest of the Warriors' coaching staff.

"Every single Steph breakaway, the entire coaching staff groans because we know he’s going to try something stupid," Kerr said Friday on KNBR 680. "He just can’t help it. He can’t help himself."

Curry's blooper against the Lakers came in the midst of a blowout, but Kerr has seen him try it in tighter games and questions it.

"I mean, game on the line and he gets a breakaway or maybe he frees himself up in the half court," Kerr said. "He gets a running start and he does one of those layups where he actually kind of pulls the rim down but doesn’t really dunk, and [I’m like] ‘What are you doing? What are you doing?’ "

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At the end of the day, while he might not like it, Kerr is going to let Steph be Steph.

"It’s what makes Steph who he is" Kerr said. "He loves the challenge, he loves the show, he wants to show everybody what he’s capable of, and he’s always trying to stretch the boundaries. So, you just laugh. You live with it, and you laugh.

"The great thing about it is he laughs at himself. Because of that, I think we can all sort of laugh and accept it for what it is. But it’s literally every breakaway, you can hear this audible ‘Ugh’ from five coaches, like, ‘Please, please just lay it in.' "

Hopefully Curry will learn from his mistake and do exactly what Kerr wants: Just lay it in.

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