Why Kent Bazemore signing with Warriors in free agency makes sense


Kent Bazemore returning to the Warriors this offseason makes too much sense.

Well, there is one main caveat, however: A reunion almost assuredly only can happen if Bazemore accepts the veteran minimum, which should be worth around $2 million.

He isn't a candidate for the $6 million-ish taxpayer mid-level exception? It's safe to assume the Warriors will go in another direction there. So if Bazemore is able to find a bigger payday in free agency -- which is up in the air because of the NBA's financial uncertainty at this point -- he probably jumps on the opportunity.

But if he doesn't, coming back to the Dubs seems like a terrific option.

Bazemore -- who is finishing the four-year, $70 million contract he signed with the Atlanta Hawks in 2016 -- went undrafted in 2012. He signed with the Warriors that July, earning a spot on the opening night roster. 

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The North Carolina native appeared in 61 games with Golden State as a rookie (and five with the G League Santa Cruz Warriors), and became known for his "Bazemoring" celebrations on the bench.

The Old Dominion product became very good friends with Steph Curry, and was instrumental in getting the two-time NBA MVP to sign with Under Armour in the summer of 2013.

They remain very close to this day, and share a passion for golf. If they become teammates again, you better believe they will be spending a lot of time together on golf courses all across the Bay Area.

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As for Bazemore's on-court contributions, he started the 2019-20 season with the Portland Trail Blazers but was traded in January. The 31-year old averaged 10.3 points in 25 games with the Kings, while shooting over 38 percent from 3-point range on 2.9 attempts per game.

The Warriors need to add more versatile wings who can defend multiple positions, and Bazemore checks that box. Furthermore, he is a terrific teammate and would be a fantastic presence in the Warriors' locker room.

It's anybody's guess what happens in October, but if the Warriors do add Bazemore on a minimum deal, it probably was a very successful offseason for general manager Bob Myers and his staff.

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