What Kerr wants Wiseman to improve most after All-Star break


James Wiseman on Thursday night vs. the Phoenix Suns tied his career high with 11 rebounds.

But that number is a little misleading.

If you watched the game, you definitely noticed him struggling to secure the ball on multiple occasions.

And when Steve Kerr after the loss was asked to name the one thing he wants to see the rookie improve on the most after the All-Star break, Kerr didn't hesitate.

"Rebounding. Rebounding is about positioning, it's about anticipating," the Warriors' coach told the media. "And he should be getting better as he goes.

"The second half of the season will be really big for James and for us. For us to win, he's gotta be a force in the paint on the glass."

Wiseman's measurables are off the charts -- 7-feet tall, 7-foot-6 wingspan, 9-foot-6 standing reach, 240 pounds -- but he is playing against other physical specimens, and understandably gets overpowered at times.

"It's physicality, too. He gets pushed around a little bit," Kerr explained. "He's 19. You think about where he's gonna be as his body fills out and he figures the game out -- he's gonna get so much better.

"It's very exciting to think about that."

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Yes it is.

But Warriors fans gotta remain patient and accept the fact there will be some growing pains.

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