Warriors are waiting on Roy, offer for Rush


As always seems tobe the case with free agency, the big-name players are the first to go. DeronWilliams is re-signing with Brooklyn; Kevin Garnett is going back to Boston;and Steve Nash is going to the Lakers in a sign-and-trade.Restricted free agentsRoy Hibbert, Eric Gordon, Omer Asik and Nicolas Batum will likely be signingoffer sheets on July 11and their destinations will be known shortlythereafter.As for the Warriors,theyre playing the waiting game, but their time is coming. Theyve reached outto free agent guard Brandon Roy, and now they wait to see if hell choose theWarriors over approximately a half-dozen other teams. Theyve reached out tothe agents for such players as J.J. Hickson, Jordan Hill, Antawn Jamison, KirkHinrich, Shelden Williams and others.Theyre also waitingfor restricted free agent Brandon Rush to get an offer. Rush is coming off hisbest season as a pro, averaging 9.8 points and 3.9 rebounds per game, andWarriors general manager Bob Myers has made it clear the team wants to keephim.RELATED: Brandon Rush 2012 game logs
But that depends onwhat kind of offer Rush gets from another teamassuming he gets one. Rushmade 2.96 million in 2011-12, and is seeking a raise from thatnumber.If a team were tooffer Rush a contract starting at 3 million or so and build up, the Warriorswould likely match and retain Rush. But if a team were to offer Rush most, orall, of the 5 million mid-level exception, that might be too high a price forthe Warriors.According tosources, one team considering making an offer to Rush is the Toronto Raptors,who had hoped to sign Nash. The Raptors had allocated significant money to Nashand now will look elsewhereand perhaps toward Rush.Dominic McGuire, whoemerged as a defensive specialist last season for the Warriors, may not return.Hes an unrestricted free agent, at this point doesnt seem to be a priorityfor Golden State.Its not that theWarriors wouldnt like to have McGuire back, its that they are pursuing otheravenues first. In the meantime its possible McGuire could agree to sign withanother team.It is likely thatbusiness will pick up for the Warriors next week, when the teams front officeis in Las Vegas for summer leaguealong with agents and other NBA teamsfront offices.

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