Steph passing Allen at home long shot, but don't count him out


SAN FRANCISCO – Stephen Curry is close enough to the record to visualize it being passed into his hands. His desire to capture it ASAP was abundantly evident Monday night. His urgency seemed to be at ultrahigh, and the reason is admirable.

Curry would like to do this at home.

Before his adoring audience, in front of family and friends and a short drive from Chase Center to his garage on the peninsula.

“It is the weirdest thing to be picky about breaking a record like that,” Curry mused. “I have thought about how it would be nice to have the home crowd and feel that energy. I feel like it will be special no matter what, because I’ll make it special. It will be an amazing experience for me and my teammates.

“But we’ll see.”

After draining seven 3-pointers as the Warriors rolled to a 126-95 rout of the Orlando Magic, Curry is 16 triples away from becoming the career king of the shot that defines him and the new age of basketball that he conceived roughly a decade ago.

The Warriors have one more home game, Wednesday night against the Portland Trail Blazers, before leaving this weekend for a five-game road trip through the Eastern Conference.

Making 16 3-balls against Portland, and moving past Hall of Famer Ray Allen and into No. 1 on the all-time list is highly improbable. Curry’s personal best for one game is 13. The NBA single-game record is 14, set in October 2018 by teammate Klay Thompson.

But Curry did not dismiss the possibility.

“Anything is possible. What is it, 15?” he said before a momentary pause and laughter.

“That’s funny, because I know what that means. Klay’s record, and all of that, too. We will see.

“If you’ve seen the way I’ve played, especially recently, I’m not shy about shooting the ball,” he added, half-joking. “So, the game will dictate what that looks like. I’m not coming out with that as a true goal of how I’ll play, but crazier things have happened.”

Curry launched 13 shots from deep against the Magic. He jacked up 17 Saturday night against the Spurs and 11 last Friday against the Suns. His career-high for 3-point shot attempts in one game is 22, in the 2020-21 regular-season finale against the Grizzlies.

If any team is vulnerable to such an all-out assault, it is the Trail Blazers, who are dead last in the NBA in both 3-point defense (opponents are shooting 38.9 percent) and also defensive rating (112.9).

“I’m fully aware he’s 15 away (from equaling record-holder Ray Allen),” coach Steve Kerr said. “I’m guessing he’s going to shoot a lot against Portland on Wednesday.”

OK. But is there a reasonable chance Curry can tie or break the record in one game?

“Absolutely,” Kerr said. “He’s Steph Curry so anything is possible.”

Curry has 2,958 career 3-pointers. Allen retired seven years ago with 2,973. So Curry breaking the record, or even tying it, on Wednesday is the longest of shots. History says it won’t happen, that Allen’s record will have to fall thousands of miles away.

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The Warriors are in Philadelphia on Saturday for a national TV game against the 76ers, for whom his brother, Seth, plays. After that, the Warriors head to Indiana on Monday (Dec. 13), New York on Tuesday, Boston next Friday and then Toronto, where the trip concludes on Dec. 18.

If it happens somewhere along this trip, so be it.

“Any basketball fan will appreciate it when it happens, no matter where it is, (because) history is made,” Curry said. “But I like the anticipation of being in the moment and enjoying all that’s gone into it.”

The record transcends the location. It’s a tribute to a body of work over an extended period of time. Curry clearly wants it. If he could schedule such a feat, there is no doubt it would happen at Chase Center.

Curry has one more home opportunity, Wednesday night. As unlikely as it is to happen, it feels risky to count him out.

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