Steph fulfilling promise to earn degree was ‘a long time coming'


Steph Curry isn’t one to break promises. 

The Warriors legend proved that much to be true when he made good on his vow back in 2009 that a troubled Golden State team would “figure this thing out.”

Fast forward nearly 13 years and three NBA championships later, and it’s clear that when Curry says something, he means it. 

So when the two-time NBA MVP decided to forgo his last semester at Davidson College to prepare for the 2009 NBA Draft, he promised his mom Sonya and coach Bob McKillop that he would one day complete his degree and, just like his tweet, has officially kept his word on the guarantee over a decade later.

“This is a long time coming, obviously,” Curry told reporters on Monday, speaking for the first time since earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Davidson on Sunday. “Since I left campus, it was a goal to finish. Just as obviously a sense of accomplishment, but a promise I made to my mom and coach McKillop when I left after my junior year, so it’s pretty special.”

Curry re-enrolled at Davidson this spring and completed his coursework in the middle of a grueling NBA season that saw him return from an ankle injury just in time for playoffs.

That’s right -- in between practices, games and press conferences while leading Golden State to its sixth Western Conference finals appearance in eight seasons, Curry was hitting the books to fulfill yet another promise. 

He wasn’t able to attend the graduation ceremony in person, but had to laugh at the Steph Curry Fathead displayed at the commencement in his honor and included in photos to be remembered for years to come.

“Coach throws a party at his house across the street from campus every year for all the graduating seniors, and they got a picture of the graduating class this year and them holding up the picture of me in front of it,” Curry said. “I didn’t get to experience that back in 2010, so it was cool.”

And what better way to earn a degree all these years later than by writing his thesis on a topic close to his heart: advancing gender equity through sports.

Following Kobe Bryant’s passing in 2020, Curry took up the mantle as a champion of the WNBA and has become close with fellow Bay Area star Sabrina Ionescu as they work to grow the women’s game. 

As a father to two young daughters who share his love for basketball, it’s no wonder Curry was able to expand on such an important topic on the way to his degree.

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“Got to analyze some of the things I’ve done since I’ve left school and apply a sociological lens to it, and understand how a lot of people are promoting gender equity through their voice, their platform, their financial investments and their time,” Curry said on Monday.

With the added accolade of a college degree now under his belt, Curry is certain to continue promoting gender equity through sports as he fulfills an unspoken promise to his children.

Plus, a college-educated guard on the court can’t hurt as the Warriors look ahead to the Western Conference finals against the Dallas Mavericks at Chase Center on Wednesday.

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