Some NBA media asked to change Steph's MVP vote in straw poll


Steph Curry placed seventh in the ESPN straw poll on NBA MVP voting that was released Wednesday morning.

The two-time NBA MVP received one first-place vote, one second-place vote, one third-place vote, two fourth-place votes and eight fifth-place votes.

On Thursday's episode of the "Brian Windhorst & the Hoop Collective" podcast, ESPN's Tim Bontemps revealed that he began soliciting votes for the exercise last Friday.

And that's when ESPN's Tim MacMahon submitted his top five of 1) LeBron James 2) Nikola Jokic 3) Joel Embiid 4) Kevin Durant 5) Kawhi Leonard.

This led to the following back-and-forth:

MacMahon: "Although the Warriors are only one game above .500, I did see Steph Curry score 57 the night after -- live and in-person."

Bontemps: "There were a couple people who wanted to switch their Steph vote after that, too."

MacMahon: "Yeah. I might have put him at fifth. He is full-blown Steph Curry cookin' right now."

Windhorst: "They [the Warriors] have already out-achieved what I thought they would. Most years, the MVP comes from a team with a top-three or top-four record. Steph Curry is playing very high-level basketball. He is the definition of a most valuable player. He's seventh because of their record."

MacMahon: "This isn't a diminished version of Steph. He is as good right now as he ever was. Honestly, when you're watching him, you laugh out loud about six or eight times a game because you can't believe what this dude is doing."

Windhorst: "If somebody says to me, 'I'm gonna vote for Steph Curry for MVP,' I'm not gonna sit there and square off with them."

Curry is averaging 34.6 points, 5.4 assists and 5.1 rebounds over his last seven games, while shooting 57.3 percent overall, 52.4 percent from deep and 94.6 percent from the free-throw line.

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So it's pretty simple: If he continues to play at this level, and if the Warriors rise up the standings, the three-time NBA champion almost assuredly will vault himself into the top-three MVP conversation.

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