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Why Sharpe believes sun is ‘setting' on Steph, LeBron, KD

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With Steph Curry, LeBron James and Kevin Durant eliminated from the NBA playoffs, ESPN analyst Shannon Sharpe boldly declared that these superstars are past their prime and done dominating the game of baskteball.

Speaking to Stephen A. Smith and Brian Windhorst on Tuesday’s episode of “First Take,” Sharpe explained that the three superstars, who have been the face of the league for the past two decades, no longer are good enough to drag their teams through the playoffs.

“The sun is setting on a two-decade run for this trinity,” Sharpe said. “It’s really as simple as that. Windy laid it out elaborately. These guys used to be good enough to impact the game alone and get you wins, not anymore.

“Look at LeBron last night, 30-11-9 [points, rebounds, assists], in the playoffs that normally gets you a win. He needs Anthony Davis to play at an extremely high level and another player. Look at Steph and the numbers he put up, lost in the play-in game.

“KD is as efficient as he’s ever been. If you think about it, KD is averaging more points per game post-Achilles injury than he did before. And look at what it has gotten them [Phoenix Suns] Stephen A. It has gotten them swept twice in the last three years. The days of these guys dominating, are they still great players, yes transcendent, but the days of them being able to [dominate a postseason series] are over.”

While all three players are still producing impressive numbers, it’s clear that their dominant run is over. Since leaving the Warriors in 2019, Durant has not made it past the conference semifinals, and the latest attempt to build a superteam around him fizzled out this season as the Minnesota Timberwolves swept the Suns in the first round.

James continues to be a dominating force for the Los Angeles Lakers, but even his brilliance was not enough as the team lost 4-1 in the opening round against the Denver Nuggets.

Curry posted another productive year, but the Warriors were unable to right the ship after a shaky start to the season and wound up losing in the play-in game to the Sacramento Kings.

Moreover, a new crop of younger Western Conference players has sprung up, with the likes of Nikola Jokić, Anthony Edwards and Luka Dončić all breaking out in recent years.

While Curry firmly is entrenched in San Francisco, rumors continue to swirl that Durant and James could leave their respective teams during the NBA offseason, with one of them potentially landing with the Warriors.

Given that James, Curry and Durant are suiting up for the USA in this summer’s Olympic Games in Paris, with Steve Kerr as head coach, the rumor mill will continue to churn.

Still, the golden era of seeing James, Curry or Durant in the NBA Finals is over.

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