Ron Adams believes Steph is ‘the culture' of the Warriors


There’s really no debate when it comes to the unique talent that Steph Curry possesses

His elite, one-of-a-kind sharpshooting changed the game of basketball forever and has made him the greatest shooter of all time.  

However, this hasn’t been his most impressive shooting season. Still, Curry was awarded the inaugural Magic Johnson Western Conference finals MVP trophy on Thursday after the Warriors’ 120-110 win over the Dallas Mavericks to advance to their sixth NBA Finals in eight years. 

After facing so much adversity, how was he still able to earn the West’s MVP award? To Warriors assistant coach Ron Adams, it’s simple.

“I think he is the culture,” Adams said on KNBR’s “Murph & Mac” podcast. “On the court, many things revolve around him because he garners so much attention from the other team.” 

In Golden State’s series-sealing game vs. the Mavs, Curry was outshined on the offensive end by his fellow Splash Bro Klay Thompson. Even Draymond Green, who has never been one to score much, finished with more points than him.

Nonetheless, he was absolutely brilliant in the close-out game in other ways that don’t always show on paper. 

“He did everything else impeccably,” Adams said. “We flowed because of his passing. He was playing great defense, he made some great defensive plays. But his floor management of that game, in the first half in particular, I thought was brilliant. And that’s the nature of the game of basketball. You’re playing with these other talented people. Some days it’s your turn, some days it’s not. But you can contribute to winning in a similar fashion whether you’re scoring 30 or not. 

“He was one of the reasons, the main reason I should say, that the ball really moved last night. When we’re doing that, we’re really hard to beat. But I thought he was the key to that. He’s a great rebounder. I think this is his best defensive year, too. It’s getting to a be a total package of things.”

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Curry knows he doesn’t always have to show out for his team to win. But don’t let that fool you -- he will go off when his team needs him to. His versatility has made him one of the most unique guards the league has ever seen. 

And that will be expected as the Warriors get ready to face a talented young Boston Celtics team in the NBA Finals that will begin on Thursday at Chase Center. 

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