Poole, Wiggins come to hilarious realization after Finals win


Not only are Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins NBA champions for the first time in their respective careers, but they also have big paydays coming in the near future.

Following the Warriors' 103-90 NBA Finals-clinching win over the Boston Celtics on Thursday night at TD Garden, both Poole and Wiggins celebrated the championship in the locker room, where they had a sudden realization.

"You a world champion," Poole said to Wiggins.

"You are, too," Wiggins responded.

"And you about to get a bag!" Poole added.

"No, YOU about to get a bag!" Wiggins said to Poole.

"You about to get a BAG," Poole said again.

"We about to get a bag!" the two shouted in unison.

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Poole, who is eligible for a contract extension this summer, is due for a big payday after his breakout 2021-22 season. Wiggins is under contract for the 2022-23 season, but the Warriors might look to extend him, which would result in a hefty payday for the first-time All-Star after his breakout campaign.

What better way to celebrate a championship run than securing a couple of bags heading into the summer?

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