Payne recalls NBA player puking after Steph's intense workout


It takes a special kind of player to keep up with Steph Curry. And if you're not cut out for it, chances are you'll pay the price. 

In an interview with Amin Elhassan and Tom Haberstroh on the "Basketball Illuminati" podcast, Curry's trainer, Brandon Payne, recalled the time Atlanta Hawks superstar Trae Young joined Curry for one of his intense shooting workouts and barely could keep up with all the cardio. 

"We never do anything from one range," Payne said. "We've done alternating range form shooting, which for us, is deep twos and semi-deep threes, we work in that range. We immediately go corner-to-corner, we start running and you run for four shots at a time. Then when we have two guys going, you shoot four shots corner-to-corner but we're playing until the first guy hits 12. Well, if you're not making a lot of shots, there's a lot of running involved. It's corner-to-corner then it's free throws, then it's something off the dribble."

Payne added that it appeared as if a heavy vest was thrown onto Young's back as he struggled to get through the exercise. However, the Hawks star recovered nicely. 

"And then after he caught himself, he was good, he was ready and he finished the entire workout. But that initial burst of those initial few minutes was a little tough on him, but he recovered extremely well."

Fortunately for Young, it could have been much worse. 

Payne recalled one workout with a certain NBA player, who he does not name, who tried to keep up with Curry and paid an unfortunate price. 

"We've had a player who's still in the NBA go through the first five minutes, sat down on the floor beside the door for about 30 seconds and went outside and threw up and was done. It was a good player too ..."

Cleanup on aisle 30. 

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If other professional athletes can't even complete a workout with Curry, there really is zero hope for the rest of us. 

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