NBA rumors: Why Kevin Durant flew to New York for Achilles evaluation


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The day after the Warriors' Game 5 win over the Raptors in the NBA Finals, the team flew back to the Bay Area.

Kevin Durant, meanwhile, reportedly flew to New York on Tuesday morning to undergo an MRI and meet with renowned foot and ankle doctor Martin O'Malley to discuss his right Achilles injury.

O'Malley is on the Brooklyn Nets' medical staff, and is the foot and ankle consultant for the New York Knicks. Both of the teams have been rumored to be interested in Durant should he become a free agent this summer.

"I don't know that there's anything to read into that," ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski said Wednesday morning on Get Up. "Dr. O'Malley is at the very top of that profession.

"[Durant] has been a patient of him before. He's worked closely with him through different foot injuries, lower leg injuries in the past.

"He's continued a professional relationship with Durant through the last few years."

O'Malley performed bone graft surgery on KD's right foot back in March 2015.

The Warriors still have not made a formal announcement about Durant's injury and/or status.

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"The expectation remains that the MRI will confirm a torn Achilles," Woj added. "The MRI will show the severity of it and what kind of rehab process Kevin Durant will be facing.

"But he went to New York, met with Dr. O'Malley, and they'll go from there."

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