NBA rescinds Poole's questionable tech on bounce pass to ref


Plenty of people watching the Warriors' loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday at Paycom Center thought Jordan Poole's fourth-quarter technical foul was odd.

It turns out the NBA did, too.

The league announced Friday that Poole's tech has been rescinded, leaving the Golden State guard with 11 on the season, rather than 12.

Poole originally was called for a personal foul as he attempted to swipe the ball away from Thunder forward Jaylin Williams. Things escalated after Poole bounced the basketball back to NBA official Josh Tiven, who called Poole for the first foul and subsequently charged him with a tech after the bounce pass.

While the call left many in the arena confused, even fellow NBA players, like Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young, weighed in on the situation.

Whatever it was, the NBA clearly came to the conclusion Poole's actions weren't enough to warrant the tech. And it's a good thing, too, as Poole otherwise would have had just a few techs remaining on the season before reaching 16, when coaches and players are suspended without pay for one game.

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As the Warriors' latest 0-3 road trip showed, however, technical fouls are the least of their concerns. They now look ahead to matchups against the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns in the coming days, and they can't afford any questionable decisions -- by the refs or from themselves -- as they make a push for the playoffs.

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