Myers says spat between Warriors' Draymond, Poole ‘healthy'


Outside of Andrew Wiggins' dominant performance, one of the main storylines from the Warriors' win on Wednesday night was the spat between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole on the bench during a third-quarter timeout.

Both Warriors coach Steve Kerr and general manager Bob Myers addressed the incident Thursday, with the latter explaining why the discourse between the two starters was "healthy."

"Teams need that, I know that if you don't know a team and you just see that, you might say 'What's the deal with that,' " Myers told 95.7 The Game. "You gotta understand within any group or family, that is important, that kind of tension, that kind of passion and competitiveness, players getting on each other. In a weird way, I'm not trying to brush it over, it is important to have. I walked into the locker room and they were talking to each other and Draymond was explaining what he was upset about, and Jordan was like 'OK, I got it.' 

"Draymond said 'But, this is where I was coming from,' it was a very healthy thing. Some might see it differently, but it was I thought very good."

You can see the beginning of the disagreement, including Gary Payton II and Steph Curry pulling Draymond away, at the beginning of the video below.

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Kerr said after Warriors practice Thursday that these things happen, and it "is behind us."

This is not Draymond's first visible disagreement with a teammate on the floor. A player that brings as much passion and vocal energy to the floor eventually is going to be at odds with someone wearing the same uniform.

While Steph has been the unquestioned face of the franchise for a decade, Green has been the emotional leader of this Warriors team through his entire tenure.

Poole, 22, is becoming a piece of this core, and with that will come a higher standard. Steph, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala likely could all attest to being on the other end of a loud disagreement with Green over something on the floor.

Great teams need accountability across the board, and it sounds like both Poole and Draymond were able to move forward from the incident, and will be closer going forward.

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