McGee says he preferred playing with LeBron over Steph


JaVale McGee won two NBA championships during his time with the Warriors, and was very complimentary of the organization during a recent AMA on Bleacher Report alongside his mother and former WNBA star, Pam. However, he did give an interesting answer about whether he preferred playing with Warriors star Steph Curry or LeBron James, who McGee also won a championship with for the Los Angeles Lakers (h/t Sanjesh Singh).

"I would probably say LeBron the first year I was on the Lakers," McGee responded during the AMA to a question about who he enjoyed playing with more.

That isn't to say McGee had anything negative to say about Curry or the Warriors. 

The big man named former Warriors teammate Andre Iguodala as his biggest mentor throughout his NBA career.

"Andre Iguodala. He taught me to be more of a professional when it comes to not just basketball, but investing and off-the-court things. He really helped me," McGee said.

McGee also gave a nice answer about his time with the Warriors, saying the organization made him feel like "family."

"They do it right. They make it feel like family. They make sure everything is ok at home and good with you. Outside of basketball, they’re really meticulous about things like that, so I think that’s why they had so much success," McGee said.

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Clearly McGee doesn't hold any ill will toward the Warriors or any members of the organization.

Some people enjoy playing with certain guys more, and LeBron has had a ton of success across his lengthy NBA career.

McGee always will be appreciated for his contributions to the Warriors' two titles in 2017 and 2018, and that feeling with the organization clearly is mutual.

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