Kuminga hopes he and Wiseman are Warriors' next dynamic duo


It looks like the Warriors might have another dynamic duo on the horizon once the "Splash Brothers" hang up their sneakers.

While the duo currently is unnamed, perhaps the combo of Jonathan Kuminga and James Wisman could take the league by storm at some point. In an interview prior to Friday's summer league game, Kuminga noted how well the two have been playing with one another and hopes to play alongside Wiseman for a long time.

"Hopefully we play like that together for like the next 10 years, 15 years," Kuminga said. "Just building our chemistry at a young age, it means a lot."

It's important to understand just how young the Warriors' next duo is: Kuminga doesn't turn 20 until October and Wiseman just turned 21 in March. Also, aside from summer league play, the duo have not played actual games together as Wiseman missed all of last season rehabbing from various injuries.

The 2022-2023 season will allow both players to fully showcase their abilities as several key pieces to the Warriors' most recent championship run have signed elsewhere. If the Kuminga/Wiseman pairing is to work, next season could be a precursor for what Warriors fans can expect from this tandem. 

Again, because the Warriors' top picks in 2020 (Wiseman) and 2021 (Kuminga) are so young, they have ample time to figure things out. Patience is key when it comes to development and considering the flashes the duo has shown already, fans might not have to wait long to see what this pair can really accomplish.

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Nevertheless, for Kuminga to say that he's willing to play with Wiseman for the foreseeable future is a good sign for Warrior fans. Even if the uncertain future might cause some fans to be wary of what might be coming, they can take solace in the fact that a new foundation is being set.  

If Kuminga and Wiseman are able to reach their full potential together in a Warriors uniform, more championships are sure to come. 

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