Kevin Durant provides explanation for why his shoe repeatedly falls off


It's time to get an answer to the question that has been keeping you up at night for months.

Why does Kevin Durant's shoe repeatedly come off his foot during a game?

He provided the explanation Friday on the Warriors Plus/Minus Podcast with Tim Kawakami and Marcus Thompson:

"So many people been asking me that (laughing) ... I don't really tie 'em up that tight. I made my shoe to fit me like a sock almost, and be as light as I can.

"And a lot of guys step on my feet, man. A lot of guys -- they play a a little close on me, man. And I wear two pair of socks. I wear a 17 off the court, but I wear an 18 in the game...

"It feels secure. I'm not loose in it, but like, somebody step on the back of my foot ... it does look loose. Usually it's somebody just stepping on my shoe, or something like that. But I'm good."

Now get some sleep, because Game 1 vs the Spurs on Saturday tips off at Noon...

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller

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